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State Representative for House District 60

About Kristen

Proudly Serving Lewiston


Kristen Cloutier is serving her first term as the State Representative for House District 60, part of Lewiston. She currently serves on the Committee on Taxation and was appointed by the Speaker of the House to serve on the Blue Ribbon Commission to Study and Recommend Funding Solutions for the State's Transportation System.

During the 129th Legislature, she introduced legislation to create a refundable tax credit for family caregivers; to create a zero-interest loan program for expenses related to credentialing for New Mainers; and to increase funding for ESL within the State’s Adult Education program and to create an on-the-job training and language program for businesses who wish to employ members of our immigrant population.

Kristen previously served as the Mayor of Lewiston and City Council President, representing Ward 5.

During her tenure in municipal government, she supported various redevelopment projects and was an advocate of public art and the role it can play in the economic development of Lewiston. In 2016, she spearheaded efforts to increase awareness around pedestrian safety issues in Lewiston with Senator Nate Libby and School Committee Chairwoman Linda Scott, by hosting a Pedestrian Safety Forum and co-authoring the resulting report.

Kristen is a life-long resident of Lewiston, and has been employed by Bates College for two decades, most recently as the Assistant Director for Center Operations at the Harward Center for Community Partnerships.

Kristen received her undergraduate degree from Northeastern University and her graduate degree from the University of Southern Maine. She and her husband Denny enjoy spending time in the Maine outdoors with their daughter Ridley and two rescue dogs, Huck and Jax.

Additional Legislation


Kristen has always been keenly aware of the dangers that lead poisoning poses to the long-term health of Lewiston’s children, and her advocacy on these issues continued into her first term as a State Legislator in 2019 with her co-sponsorship of LD 1116, An Act to Strengthen the Lead Poisoning Control Act, which was signed into law and mandates that all 1- and 2-year-olds in Maine be tested for lead poisoning, regardless of income.

Kristen also believes strongly in the importance of gender equality, and is a strong advocate on issues related to reproductive health and justice. During her first term as a legislator, Kristen supported legislation that would establish a state Equal Rights Amendment. In addition, she cosponsored LD 820: An Act to Prevent Discrimination in Public and Private Insurance Coverage for Pregnant Women in Maine; and LD 1171: An Act to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence and To Support Survivors.

On the Issues


Maine was built by a strong and resourceful workforce. We must invest in the industries that keep our economic engine running today and also plan for our future. In order to accomplish both, our state government must build partnerships between schools and businesses that prepare our students for careers that will see growth, and put Mainers to work building and maintaining our infrastructure.


Maine’s workers, businesses, and families need access to reliable broadband internet to participate and grow in the digital economy, and adequately participate in their educational attainment. Policymakers must actively work to close the digital divide and assist regional and local entities in their broadband expansion efforts.

Renewable Energy

Maine can set the example for New England in developing our renewable energy infrastructure. If we invest now in community solar, tidal, thoughtfully placed wind, hydro, and biomass, Maine can be the leader in a green energy economy. Rolling back Maine’s net metering law, transitioning from fossil fuels, training Mainers in clean energy jobs, and utilizing our renewable resources benefit both the environment and consumers.

Opiate Epidemic

Far too many Maine families are being impacted by the opiate epidemic. By providing substance use treatment, job training and placement, more comprehensive medical and mental health care, and life-saving medications to first responders, we can begin to address this public health crisis. As legislators, we must send an important message to those in Maine who are struggling: addiction is never a moral failing; it is a problem that we must treat together with a holistic, safe and compassionate approach.


Kristen is a member of the University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn College Community Advisory Board, the New Mainers Community Collaborative, the Bates College Sexual Misconduct Review Board, and the Lewiston-Auburn Railroad Board of Directors.

Her previous service has included:

City Council Representative to the Lewiston School Committee

Member of the Lewiston 21st Century Advisory Board (middle and high school based after-school enrichment programming)

Chairwoman of the City of Lewiston’s Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Policy Development Working Group

Member of the City of Lewiston’s Small Business and Workforce Development Committee

Member of the Lewiston Area Public Health Committee

Member of the Green and Healthy Homes Learning Network

Member of the Community Health Stakeholders Coalition

Member of the Steering Committee for Sophia’s House at the Center for Wisdom’s Women

Mentor for the Maine NEW Leadership Program through the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine

Member of the Androscoggin County Budget Committee

Member of the Androscoggin Valley Council of Government’s General Assembly


In 2019, Kristen was honored with the YWCA of Central Maine’s Lee Young Leadership Award in recognition of her civic, organizational, and community leadership.

Kristen was recognized as a Woman of Excellence in 2017 by the National Foundation of Women Legislators for her work on the Lewiston City Council.

Kristen is a Class of 2015 alumnae of Emerge Maine and was awarded the Emerge Rising Star Award in 2017 for her mentorship and support of women running for elected office.

Kristen was the recipient of the 2014 Healthy Androscoggin Leadership Award for her work on lead poisoning prevention and awareness.

Support for Rep Cloutier

Bruce Noddin

“Kristen Cloutier is exactly the person needed in Augusta right now. She is smart, she is dedicated and she tells it like it is. She is that perfect combination of intensity and compassion. Plus, she is always willing to listen.”

- Bruce Noddin, Lewiston Resident

Alicia Rea

“Serving on the Lewiston City Council with Council President Cloutier provided me firsthand knowledge of her skills as a unifying leader. I am continually impressed by her ability to voice her opinion in a respectful, thoughtful manner and look to this as a guide to my own work.”

- Alicia Rea, Lewiston City Councilor

Sandy Marquis

“Kristen Cloutier brings vision, expertise and proven leadership skills, along with a willingness to thoughtfully and thoroughly research issues and listen closely to constituents’ concerns to the Maine State House of Representatives.”

- Sandy Marquis, Lewiston small business owner

Sen. Nate Libby

“Rep. Kristen Cloutier does her homework, is a careful steward of residents’ tax dollars and helps negotiate challenging issues with competence and compassion.”

- Sen. Nate Libby, Lewiston

Mayor Mark Cayer

“Lewiston doesn’t need leaders who talk in sound bites and foster closed-mindedness. We need local leaders who will bring this city into the 21st Century — leaders like Kristen Cloutier.”

- Mayor Mark Cayer



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